(NOTE – The Damn Bus Ride Has Been Cancelled, Could Only Get Half Of Us On With This Social Distancing And It Was Only The Bad Muppets And Rockers That Got First Seats.  As Big Of A Party As It Would Have Been … We’re Gonna Wait On Any Crazy Party Buses Until We’re All On Together.  Bad Muppets And Rock N Rollers In The Back !!!  YES)

This Journey, Michelle And I’s … We Like To Think Of It As A Bus Ride (Cross Country, Muppets, Rock N Roll Tour) With Many Stops And Many Travelers (Characters) … We’ve Been All Over This Country And A Good Portion Of This Planet. Beyond The Wall Bed and Breakfast Is A Place To Stop And Reflect On Our Trip … Creating A Place For All The Friends We’ve Met Along The Way.  And … You Know That We’ll Absolutely Use Our Little Key West  Resort Here To Make More Friends. As The Most Welcoming Little City We’ve Ever Encountered, We Found Dunedin Accidentally Back In 2011. Just Kind Of Sightseeing One Day, Having Only Been In Florida For About Two Weeks … There Was Dunedin In Its Entire Bohemian Splendor.  Dunedin Is Thankfully Now Our Home. Poke Around This Site, You’ll Soon Know Much More About Us And Our Bed And Breakfast.