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Why We Do … What We Do?

Why We Do What We Do … An Exciting Section Of Our Website Where We Can Learn Folks Real Good About Stuff Here. We’ll Add And Update As Needed, LOL

Did You Read “Our Story” From The Menu On Top Of Our Homepage? Reading Between The Lines, Most Folks Should Be Able To Figure Out “Why We Do What We Do.” Real Quick, It’s Simply Pride, Ownership, Efficiency And Experience … All Wrapped Up In A Common Sense Tortilla. YUM

And, Until You Arrive, You Have No Idea How Much And What We Get Done Here With 3-4 People


Do Not Call (Inspired By The Hoffmans In Our HOF Reviews Section)
Why We Avoid Phone Calls, Why We State (As Many Times And Places As Possible) … “Do Not Call”

Because I’m In The Mood, Let’s Talk About This “Do Not Call” Stuff. The Whole “Do Not Call” Thing Is Our Decision. In This Business You Will Quickly Realize That The Absolute Biggest Time Waster Of Your Entire Day Is Phone Calls. Rock Runs The Daily Operations At BTW. He Wears A “Trucker Type” Headset Around The Property And Takes Calls While Weed-Eating, Standing On Ladders, Cleaning The Pool And Lots Of Other Fun Stuff. If You Read “Our Story” … You Will See That He Spent Nearly 20 Years In The Information Technology (IT) Field

  • First, Even A Few Years In The IT Field Will Literally Alter Your DNA And When Combined With Our Marine Corps And Some Law Enforcement … You End Up Developing Some Weapons Grade Coping Skills For Dealing With Humans
  • Second, It’s Not 1993 Anymore … A Clear Majority Of Our Bookings Come From Mobile Devices (Booking With Devices, Not Calling With Devices). We’re A Business, All Businesses Focus On Where Their Business Is Coming From And Move Away From Where Their Business Isn’t Coming From
  • Third, It’s Insanely Not Efficient In Time, Resources, Or Sanity
    • Time – Phone Calls Net A Puny Number Of Actual Bookings (For Us, Our Experience)
    • Resources – Straight Up, So Many Other Business Building, Productive And Profitable Things To Do Around BTW Than Phone Calls. Literally, The Return On A Nice Weed-Eating Job Out Front Pays Bigger Dividends Than Most Of The Calls We Take
    • Sanity – Now Here’s The Real “Icing” On This Entire Subject (Read Below)

The Absolutely Guaranteed Way To Have Your DNA Altered (As I Mentioned Above), And Have Your Patience Levels At Zero By Noon Every Day Is To Not Have A Great, Detailed And Informative Website. At All Costs, You Want To Avoid Calls Like These Below (Honestly, These Are The Majority Of Calls You Will Get)


99% Of The Time They Are Actually Looking At Website When They Call With These
… AND THEY’LL FULL ON TELL YOU, “Hey … So I’m Looking At Your Website Right Now And It Says That You Have 6 Cottages … How Many Cottages Do You Have?”

  • “Do You Serve Breakfast? … It Says Here On Your Website That You Serve Breakfast?”
  • “What Time Is Your 9 O’clock Breakfast? … It Says Here On Your Website That Breakfast Starts At 9 O’clock?”
  • “Is Your Parking Free? It Says Here On Your Website That The Parking Is Free?”
  • “Do You Have Those Romantic Hot Tub Things In Your Rooms? Because I Don’t See Room Hot Tubs Listed On Your Website?”
  • “How Many Rooms Are In Your One Room Cottages?”
  • “Do You Have Nice Rooms?  What’s Your Nicest Room?”
  • “Do You Have Those Free Bikes That Are Free And How Much Do They Cost?
  • “It Says Here On Your Website That You Have Room Service … Do You Do That Thing Where You Change Towels Every Day?”
  • (Currently 8:00 AM) “I Read And I Know That It Says Here On Your Website That If You Do Have To Call, Please Don’t Call Before 11 O’clock Because You Are Serving Breakfast , BUT….Blah, Blah, Blah”

Google (It’s New And Appears To Be Really Catching On … Can Totally See It Completely Taking Off, Big)

  • “What Part Of Florida Are You In?”
  • “How Close Are You To Disneyland?”
  • “Are You On The Beach?”
  • “Is The Beach Near You?”
  • “Are There Restaurants Nearby?”
  • “How Big Is A King, Queen Or Double Bed?”
  • “How Far Is It To … Blah, Blah, Blah?”
  • “Which Way Should We Drive Down From MI, OH, ME, IN, VT, NH, MA, NY, NJ … Canada?”
  • “How Many Hours Drive Is It From … Blah, Blah, Blah?”

None Of These Things Have To Do With Booking A Room, Making A Profit / Living And Again … Since It’s Our Business And We Have Some Experience, Folks That Ask These Questions Rarely Ever Book Anyway … And Truthfully, Probably Won’t Fit In Here

So There You Go. It’s Our Decision To Get Across To Folks That We Do Absolutely Everything Possible To Avoid Answering Phone Calls That We Know From Experience Is Like A 3 Or 4 To 1 Thing. For Every Call That Is Relative, Actually Nets You A Sale, There Are 3-4 That Are Life Sucking, “You Have To Be Kidding Me” Crazy Wastes Of Time. I Can Assure You That Any Time Someone Asks A Question, I Almost Immediately Incorporate It Into Our Website, And It Can Be Found On Our “Frequently Asked Questions” Page. It’s Our Decision And Some Scoff And Become Annoyed … Sorry, We’re Not For Everyone, Don’t Claim To Be And You Can Be Assured … We Don’t Want To Be

Bottom Line, It’s Easy From The Outside To Disapprove Of “HOW” We Do It. But, Once You’ve Been Here … Almost Guaranteed, You’ll Think … “Hell, They’re Doing It Right”

What Do You Think Hoffmans? Stop By, Let Us Know Cause We’re Pretty Worried About Your Approval, LOL

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